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Numerical Profile

The data on this page was generated through a census of the 17 QSG Trusts undertaken in the autumn term of 2022.



The QSG Trusts are highly varied in origin, geography and size and, as such, broadly reflect the national picture. However, the Trusts are unified in having clear commitments in common, including a majority specialism of improving education for pupils in schools where circumstances are challenging.

The 662 schools managed by the member Trusts break down as follows:

  • Primary schools: 441 (67%)
  • Secondary schools: 187 (28%)
  • All-through schools: 8 (1%)

The average number of schools in each member Trust is 19, with the actual number per Trust ranging from 3 to 60.
The profile of the 313,013 pupils across each of the QSG Trusts is also highly varied. The average number of pupils in each member Trust is 8,943, with the actual number per Trust ranging from 1,707 to 33,207.

The type of school being attended by pupils can be broken down as follows.